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Why is Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil So Important?

Cod liver oil contains large amounts of natural vitamin D3 (not synthetic vitamin D2). Vitamin D3 is an absolute requirement for the utilization of calcium by the body. When sunlight shines on your skin, it reacts with blood lipids inside and on the surface of the skin to produce vitamin D. This chemical reaction in the skin is induced by the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight; this is called photosynthesis. The main function of vitamin D3 is to facilitate utilization of calcium at the cell. Without vitamin D3, the calcium cannot be utilized. Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in use of calcium and therefore, the metabolism of the whole body.

Vitamin D Receptors — Everywhere!

An exciting new research breakthrough has shown that almost every organ, every gland and even every immune cell in the body has vitamin D receptor sites. Clinical experience has shown activation of these receptor sites facilitates calcium utilization for maximum re-alkalinization.

The Calcium Back-Up Systems

Sunlight on your skin also results in the production of inositol triphosphate, INSP-3, which regulates the extraction of calcium stored in cells. When not enough calcium is consumed, then INSP-3 is triggered to supply the cell with calcium from elsewhere in the body. If insufficient calcium is stored within cells, then the parathyroid hormone, stimulated by the deficiency of vitamin D, induces the extraction of calcium from the bones. Finally, if the calcium deficiency continues, over time the bones may become severely depleted by continual extraction of their calcium. Then, as a last resort, the body begins to extract calcium from proteins that regulate key cell functions. This, in turn, can lead to poor cell function. The real solution is to get enough high quality, natural vitamin D.

The Vitamin D Connection: Is The Calcium Getting In?

Many people are “cave dwellers,” spending most of their time indoors, whether at home or work, in an artificially lit “cave” (i.e. their home or workplace), behind U.V.-blocking glass, receiving very little daily sunlight on their skin. If the skin does not receive adequate sunlight, then the amount of vitamin D the body produces can be inadequate. If not enough vitamin D is available at the cell, the body can become calcium deficient over time. Taking cod liver oil (with naturally occurring vitamin D3) on a regular basis can be an incredible help.

In healthy people, regular sunlight exposure stimulates the production of many immune-boosting compounds. However, for those with a nutrient-deficient diet, regular sunlight exposure may be hazardous and can create free radical damage. Dr. Zane Kime, a brilliant medical doctor and researcher, points out in his excellent book, Sunlight, that sunlight is very healthy for the skin and whole body metabolism when the body is nourished by sufficient nutrients. However, when hydrogenated oils and other toxic nutrients are consumed, the skin becomes imbalanced and sunlight exposure can produce toxic skin reactions.

Are All Cod Liver Oils The Same?

Since many people get little or no vitamin D from sunlight, calcium utilization can rapidly hit the rate-limiting vitamin D barrier. Looking for a way to deliver ample high quality vitamin D from food sources led us to examine ALL vitamin D sources. First, synthetic vitamin D (as D2) can be potentially toxic. Secondly, we discovered vitamin D powder is made by solvent extraction from sheep's wool. Then we examined cod liver oil products (which naturally contain vitamin D) and found the ones typically sold in health food stores were actually “animal feed-grade,” (not USP-grade), and often partially rancid (which gives the oil an “off” taste). We knew we could not recommend these second-class products.

In our search for the best vitamin D, we learned there is a pharmaceutical-grade, first-class grade of cod liver oil. It must be specially ordered in large quantities from Norway. It’s rarely sold to America since the U.S. retailers mostly buy the cheaper grades. This first-class cod oil is 6 times more potent than the second-class oil, is not rancid and is mercury-free, unlike the “feed grade” cod liver oil. Finally we found a natural and effective source of top quality vitamin D3. Our cod oil is 100% pure U.S.P. premium-grade Norwegian cod liver oil. It is a rich source of vitamins A and D as well as biologically active Omega-3 class fatty acids, EPA and DHA (well-known for promoting memory, concentration and healthy brain function*).

Body and Brain Booster

Desaturase enzymes are essential to the synthesis of EPA and DHA but they are deactivated by eating hydrogenated oils (commonly found in the American diet). These enzymes decline dramatically after age 45 to 55, leaving many people with drastically reduced stores of EPA and DHA, often leading to brain and memory concerns. Cod Liver Oil delivers natural EPA and DHA, the pre-formed end-chain fatty acids essential for healthy brain function, memory and circulation.

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