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Oil of Oregano
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Oil of Oregano
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Oil of Oregano

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Here are unsolicited emails sent to us by some of our many 
satisfied customers.

What an incredible example and testimony to the effectiveness of 
Oil of Oregano.


"Thank you for your quick response, I am turning a lot of people on to this product.

I visited the Philippines this past summer and I carried the oil of oregano with me.

In the area of Ioilo City, where my fiancé lives there are depressed areas. One of the children was down with typhoid fever from the water, and had been running a 103 temperature for 3 days and would not take any food. I gave a bottle of the oil to the parents to try on the child and by the next day the fever was broken and the child was eating normally.

It took only three days for the word of mouth to travel there and I had three other parents in touch with me because their children were also suffering with high fevers and typhoid and so I gave them a bottle each also, and my fiancé explained to them how to use it, and to how to mix and use it as a topical also.

All the children were cured in 1 day and now the Oil Of Oregano is known as the Island Antibiotic. I am taking a trip there again in July so I am now building up my supply and shipping some because it is difficult to get through customs in bulk quantities.

My mother-in-law also benefited from the oils as it cured her bronchitis and sore on her gums. I know I would never travel into these areas without oil of oregano because of water and possible food poisoning.

The product really delivers what it is intended for. It is also fantastic in shampoo to instantly end dandruff and to clean ears with a mix with sweet oil on a cotton swab The uses are so many that any supplies that I now send to the Philippines last no longer than one day, but I know they are doing a lot of good and the doctors there are really surprised at it's effectiveness in dealing with Typhoid fever. They find it remarkable."

BC, Mainville, Ohio

    I am writing to you to let you know that i am a firm believer in your product. 

I first heard about it on the radio going out across the road from Nevada to Idaho. My husband and I were just returning from Nevada and we were listening to a radio talk show and we heard about this product and thought we just might have to try it out. Well let me tell you I or should I say we ordered some from your website and began taking it orally right along with us my daughter took it as well. We just took it when we started to fell bad or like we were getting a cold, and we never had a cold all winter long. This was in 2003 and well I just wanted you to know that I have tried other products that say they are like the one we got from you, but it just isn't any where close to what you have and I tell everyone that I can about this stuff, Because I think that it's just great and I am going to continue to buy all of my oil of oregano from you. I just thought you would like to know that in my opinon that it's the greatest thing since penicillin.

    SB,    St. Anthony, Idaho 

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