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About Our pH Paper

pH Paper With DispenserThe pH paper that we sell is the pH paper preferred by most healthcare professionals because of its accuracy and small pH increments. It is absolutely suitable for both saliva and urine testing.

Because it has been clinically established that the urine's pH is an accurate reflection of the whole body's tissue pH, The Health Hound, Inc. always recommends testing the pH of the urine versus the saliva. However, urine testing is not always convenient. Because of this, we have included instructions for both saliva and urine testing here.

Each roll of pH paper is 15' long and approximately 1/4" wide and will provide about 180 test strips if approximately 1" pieces are used per test.

The range of our pH paper is from 5.5 to 8.0. Vivid color changes show specific changes for each 0.2 pH increment. A color chart is included with each roll purchased.

For orders that contain pH paper only, we offer a SUPER LOW First Class shipping rate of $2.00 with no limit on how many you can buy. No one else can beat these shipping rates!

The cost of the pH paper refill rolls increased dramatically due to a price increase by the manufacturer so there is no longer much of a price difference between the refill rolls and the rolls in a dispenser.


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