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About Our Marine Coral Calcium Part 2

Calcium, The Most Abundant Mineral In The Body.

When asked what is the most abundant mineral in the body, most people answer sodium. It’s only natural. But sodium is not the answer, much to the surprise of many. The answer is calcium. How could the most abundant mineral be the one that we are most lacking in our diets?! Think about it for a moment and it actually makes a great deal of sense. The body needs so much calcium for its many different functions that it is incredibly difficult to take in enough calcium through diet alone. Even with a balanced diet, the “dairy factor” cannot be overlooked. Calcium is found in highest amounts in dairy and with a large percentage of the population having an intolerance to milk products, it severely limits calcium intake.

The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium. The Calcium Supplement That Offers More.

Taking calcium alone is not enough. When calcium falls below its desired levels, it is essential that magnesium accompanies the calcium for absorption. Without the magnesium, the calcium cannot enter the epithelial cells of the intestinal tract. The absorption mechanisms that follow are complex, and completely dependent on the presence of magnesium and vitamin D3.

The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium offers the most unique composition of calcium and magnesium. It is exactly what nature intended...2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. Nothing added. Just pure marine bed non-living coral.

A Multitude Of Coral Calcium Products Are Available. Which To Choose?

The Health Hound, Inc. starts with the most reputable raw material supplier in the industry. We value the integrity of our suppliers in the same way that you value our integrity. Our exclusive Coral Calcium supplier, discovered the benefits of Coral Calcium four decades ago. Through years of research, they found that harvesting the non-living coral sand found on the floor of the seas surrounding the coral reefs off of Okinawa, provided the purest and most beneficial Coral Calcium available. It is only this coral that provides what Mother Nature intended, a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. An abundance of other trace and macro minerals are naturally present in the coral. Due to the advances in the harvesting and processing methods, these essential minerals can be found in The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium.

We Care About Our Environment As Well As Your Health

The coral reefs of Okinawa are endangered and concern has been expressed over the methods that are used in the harvesting of the coral. When our supplier was invited in 1993 by the Okinawa Prefectural Government to open offices in their city, it was known that the company would have to work under the strictest harvesting guidelines. This was welcomed by our supplier, and they have since joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature and the Coral Defense League to actively enforce the protection of the Okinawan coral reefs.

The non-living coral sand is collected at a depth greater than 60 meters and further than 1000 meters from the shore. Living coral can survive up to 30 meters deep and so the collection process leaves the living coral unharmed. The reefs extend approximately 500 meters from shore. The extension of another 500 meters before harvesting begins assures the government that the living coral reefs are untouched by any man-made harvesting techniques. Due to the harvesting location of the coral reefs, the possibility existed that man-made gamma emitting isotopes might be present. Testing commenced to rule this out. Our supplier was successful and no harmful isotopes were detected.

Superior Absorption Rate For Calcium And Magnesium.

Calcium must be absorbed for it to serve its essential functions within the body. It is the ionized form of calcium that is necessary for blood clotting, nerve conduction, muscle contraction, enzyme regulation, and membrane permeability. When calcium is ionized, it is broken down into its ionized or “charged” form. Ionization of all calcium products has always been controversial and at issue for those wanting to supplement their diets with calcium.

The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium was taken to a third party laboratory for ionization testing under USP standards. It was found to ionize 100% in 15 minutes.That means that supplementation with The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium is one of the most effective ways to achieve optimum calcium nutritive.

Human studies have been conducted on The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium that compared its absorption to that of calcium carbonate. Absorption of both calcium and magnesium were measured by urinary excretion and blood serum. The absorptive capabilities of The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium were found to be statistically superior compared to that of the calcium carbonate.

Meets Or Exceeds Government Specifications.

Testing, testing and more testing. That is what our supplier has done to satisfy our customers’ concerns about the purity of our Coral Calcium. Although our supplier has recently built a new state-of-the-art laboratory facility, our Coral Calcium was sent to only the most reputable third party laboratories to undergo rigorous testing.

The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium was tested for lead content by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. The Coral Calcium fell well below the acceptable range set by the guidelines of Proposition 65. The Unites States Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia set safety standards for pesticide limits for the dietary supplement industry. Standardized tests have been developed with methods that are accepted worldwide. The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium underwent testing for four different classes of pesticides. None were detected throughout the raw material.

The purity of The Health Hound, Inc. Coral Calcium cannot be questioned. The analytical testing is beyond reproach. The Health Hound, Inc. is confident that our Coral Calcium is the most highly tested and scrutinized on the market.

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